We are the Angels who will try and help expand awareness of
worthwhile causes, both in our membership as well as outside of it.

Lead Angel: Angel of the Forest
Assistant Lead Angel: None

Current Members:

Membership Closed for Now

Causes We Support

Breast Cancer
Save the Mountain Gorillas
Pets & the Elderly
Child Abduction
Protect the Coral Reefs
Restoring Music Education in Schools
Harp Seal Slaughterings
American Rights at Work
Clean Drinking Water
Spinal Cord Injuries
Endangered Koalas
Lyme Disease
Elderly Depression
Raising the US Minimum Wage
Safely Surrender Babies
Organ Donorship
Child Prostitution
Self Harm
Children's Cancer
Wilson's Disease
Racial Prejudice
World Overpopulation
Winter Safety for Pets
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Uniting US Families
Asbestos Exposure
Good Self-Esteem
Pet Immunization
Foster Care
Online Stalkers
Multiple Sclerosis
Waardenburg Syndrome
Hurricane Preparedness
Sierra Madre Mexican Thick Billed Parrot

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