Angel Reflections

Essence of expression
window to the soul
Etched within this angel's heart
the mirror she beholds -

Ponders now her reveries
and carves upon a stone
A name, a muse, an image
from where her inspiration flows.

The shadowy impressions
hidden in the midst
An idea forms within the mind
reflecting pensiveness -

Her eyes betray a glimmer
while the pen within her hand
Poised above the canvas now
like waves upon the sand.

The slow smooth strokes that capture
the images she sees
She begins to paint a picture
through prose and poetry -

Her words are breathless whispers
so purposefully supreme
Becoming a reflection
of this angel's hopes and dreams.

And while its very concept
remains somewhat in part
The essence of expression
within this angel's heart -

Her greatest inspiration
derived of all the things
Reflections from within the soul
revealed on angel's wings.

~ Angel Reflections ~

Gateway to Avalon

Come through the Gateway to Avalon
There is much here to learn,
It is a very special place
The place for which I yearn

Where did it come from my Angel name?
How did it come to be?
It is a description of my thoughts ~
Itís what defines me.

It tells you I am a dreamer
With connections to the past,
That I love the myth and legend
And know that these will last.

Avalon describes the place
Where my heart can be at peace,
In thoughts I walk beside the lake
And feel the gentle breeze.

I see the Castle on the hill
Excalibur and the Knights,
A round and much used table,
Perfect, pretty sights.

King Arthur and Queen Guinevere
Ladies in long dresses,
Glances of adoration here
Admiring beautiful long tresses.

Horses on the hillside
Ready when called for battle,
The thunder of the hoof beats,
The sound of lowing cattle.

I am the Guardian of Avalon
I see the place sun kissed,
Come join me on my journey
Walk safely through the mists.

Come, take my hand my friend
Step confidently through the gates.
Find love and mystery here ~
Avalon awaits.

~ Angel of Avalon ~

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