Believing in Ourselves

It is all a matter of faith
Just how and what we believe,
It is all a matter of our image
And the very way we perceive.

It's a matter of trust and of conscience,
And learning to value our creed,
To be content with what we have
To look and to meet the need.

We need to believe that we can do it
And for courage we need, to ask,
In faith to reach out a hand
And to be equal to the task.

We need to believe our thoughts are driven
By compassion and tender care,
That we can help those in need,
Simply by being there.

It is so very important
That we hold on to the thought
That others also believe in us
And give us their strong support.

So take yourself at face value,
Look in the mirror and view
Is the love that shines from within
Looking right back at you?

Believe in yourself and what you see
Will be what others can see too.
They will know of your love and care
And they will also believe in you.

~ Angel of Avalon ~

Believing in Myself

Reflections of an inner faith
the baring of our souls,
Decisions that we choose to make
and beauty we behold

A kind of moral standard
of all we choose to be,
Holing our thoughts in high esteem
a promise to believe

Yet our dreams they come and go
crushing in their plight
Any hope we may achieve
so much more from life

For adolescence took away
the faith, the hope, the dreams,
And somehow my reflections were
nothing as they seemed

Years that shaped a fraction
of who I grew to be
Played a part I now regret
that took away from me -

For I was always someone
who deeply felt and thought
Every little thing that came my way
that somehow left me wrought

Maybe I was too sensitive
but still those years were tough,
And lead me to more turbluence
that took from me so much

Yet despite those years of heartache
they've brought me to a place
Where I can be much happier
within love's warm embrace

For I have love and a life
my friends and family
But deep within I'd find myself
reflecting upon me

For matters of the heart are not
measured by fame or wealth,
And yet I find I'm rich because
I believe within myself.

~ Angel Reflections ~

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