Celebration Time

A time of celebration
A special family time,
Laughter and sweet music
Bubbles in the wine.

Flowers wrapped in paper
And tied with ribbons too,
Parents counting their blessings ~
Such happy days for you.

Chocolates in a beautiful box,
All layered and neatly placed
Some with nuts and fondant
Bringing a smile to your face.

Strawberry and peppermint crème
Turkish delight so sweet,
A family in celebration
Almost dancing in the Street.

May your life together be like this,
A sweet and true delight
May your life be happy
And all your days be bright.

I wish you chocolate days
And days when you can shine,
May your days together be sparkling
Like the bubbles in the wine.

~ Angel of Avalon ~

Princepessa de Chocolat

She lived in a Cadbury Castle
amidst the alps of Lindt
Nestled far within the shrouds
of alpine freshened mint

Smooth and luscious treasure
her eyes a milky way
The ebony and ivory
of fondant in array.

Crowned the Belgian Beauty
despite Swiss origins
The sugary seductress
and her home of Guillyan -

Rivals now the eastern
sweet Turkish Delight,
Yet more refined in elegance
alluring to the bite.

Oh such pure decadence
la Princepessa finds
Within her Château Chocolat
moulded by design -

That nothing is forever
alas, not even here
Devouring now the alps of Lindt
and pralines so austere.

For though she dreamed forever
of luscious rolling hills
Paved only with the finest
and yet she craved it still -

But now the Princepessa
found that she could be
Within her Cadbury Castle
the Château Chocolat Queen!

~ Angel Reflections ~

Chocolate Candy Kisses

She had the smile of an angel
It would shine and warm the center of your heart
And when you held her very closely
She'd give you the sweetest chocolate candy kisses

Her love was unconditionally pure and true
Her aura was wondrously glowing with God’s light
She touched your heart and caressed your soul
Then… she'd give you the sweetest chocolate candy kisses

God blessed us with her brilliant presence
And only for the reason of a season was she here
Her short life was a show of quiet and blessed strength
Always showering us with sweetest chocolate candy kisses

So if you ever feel a gentle wisp across your face
And find that you cannot help but smile
Know that it’s just our sweet little angel
Blessing you with her sweetest chocolate candy kisses

We love you little angel!

~ Angel of Sweet Blessings ~

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