God's Angels

Let God hold you in His arms feel his love come into your soul.
As it is time for your heart to expand filled with His love to be whole.
Pray and ask him to reveal what is the answer He will give.
The first step you must take is to be sure you are able to forgive.
Remember he does not always answer the way that we wish.
So open your ears and listen to what God does commish.
It might not be the answer that we wished to hear
God knows what best that we need made clear.

There are angels in heaven there are angels on earth.
God sends us angels to help in all His work.
So open your eyes and your heart to God for his support.
Some angels stay around for life some only for a short.
When there job done that angel goes away.
They will be replaced by another one that very same day.
It could be a stranger,a neighbor or dear friend.
A sister or brother,mother or father that He recommend.

Remember to thank God for all His angels at hand.
He does have them placed all over this land.
We are blessed with His angels all around us as friends.
These are the ones he does let us see and commends.
Others are hidden but they still do there jobs
Listen to the answers that are heard above our sobs.
A angel is here from God in answer to our prayers
God has sent us a special friend a angel who cares

Oh how blessed I am for Him sending me my best friend
God's true love for us He does so extend
I thank Him each and every day for sending you my way
He gave me one of his angels in you this very day
So pray for God's guidance but let Him guide
God knows what we want before we even before we confide
His answers are always there for our prayer needs
We just need to listen with open hearts to His creeds

~ Angel Lady Rosemary ~

Looking for Love

Oh look at the night sky
Don't let this moment pass you by.
So dry your tears and descry
As your heart will mend and comply

Your future will brighten
As your heart will lighten
God's will see you through
There is no need to be bleu.

As each day turns into night
Try to take on a new plight
Oh Look into your heart
Get ready for a new start

The love of your dreams
Will send your heart beams
So look to the future that is to come.
Don't mope in the past as that is done.

Put a smile on your face
As the past will erase
A new love is worth waiting for
Open your heart let it explore

Your true love is here to stay
As it turns into a new day
Listen to the call of His love
It is God calling from above.

~ Angel Lady Rosemary ~

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