A teenage boy walking
On a balmy summer eve,
How much his life would change
None could have believed.
A squeal of tyres,
A screech of brakes,
The worst mistake
A driver makes.

Sirens howling and flashing lights,
Eyes with terror filled,
“Amazing he’s still alive,
I thought he would have been killed.”
Phone calls and people bustling
Theatre lights and faces masked,
“Will I ever walk again?”
The question this boy asked.

Uncertainty and agony,
Family all concerned,
Oh to turn back the clock,
This is what they yearned.
A rehabilitation regime scheduled
With daily goals to meet,
First a toe could be moved
And then two broken feet.

With grim determination
He applied himself to work,
Never missed a session,
Never did he shirk.
Days turned into months
And still he struggled on,
Hoping against hope
This battle could be won.

His family close beside him
His Therapy team close by,
Determination on their faces,
They knew they could not cry.
They watched him stand assisted
Then quietly stand alone,
One foot after the other
His task indeed was done.

Soon would be gone the wheelchair,
The crutches and the cane,
With sheer determination
He would walk again.
Gratitude to all who helped
And worked with contemplation,
This victory had been won
By sheer determination.

~ Angel of Avalon ~


Determination I see in your eyes,
The Determination to survive,
Not just to survive but to live a life full of love
And Laughter and maybe to find your Happily Ever After,
Who am I to grumble and moan about the curve balls my own life has thrown,
Who am I to spend just one day without smiling,
When you who suffer so much,
Never ever loses her determination,
To Live , Love And Dance for a long time to come.....

~ Angel of Rainbows ~

Yet I Will

Yet I Will
have many projects ahead of me,
To manipulate or control
Yet I will, Be finished at day's end.

I have issues that need solving,
Before they take a toll,
Yet I Will.

My mind is full of fertile thoughts,
The imagination is in overload.
Many puzzles to combine,
Yet I Will.

I stumble often on my path,
Each day a new challenge will arise,
To stop me in my tracks,
Yet I Will.

I wish to climb to the top,
I have no legs to speak of,
Yet I Will.

I wish to paint my vision in a field,
I have no hands to use,
Yet I Will.

You cannot stop me!
You cannot take away my goals!
My dreams will all be fulfilled,
Yet I Will, Yet I Will!

~ Angel Pascha ~

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