I have spent some hours in contemplation
About this world in which we live,
How we become so intolerant,
With all take and very little give.
I see the hostility and feel the angst
All around this world.
I ache and long to see
Freedomís flag unfurled.

We need to love each other,
Be gracious and forgive
Be tolerant and understand
About the way the others live.
It should not matter the colour
Of your skin or of your hair,
What we really need to do
Is to express our care.

Your faith and how you show it
I should honour and respect,
My own faith should guide me
To be loving and accept.
Your culture and your lifestyle
Should bring an added aspect to my life,
Instead of all the fighting
The trouble and the strife.

I want to reach out my hand
And take yours in mine,
Letís talk together, learn together
And everything should be fine.
We have so much to share
Letís put an end to wars,
Learn to be kind to each other
And open friendshipís doors.

ďLet there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.Ē

~ Angel of Avalon ~

Different But Same

We are all unique
In our own special way.
As special as the sunrise
That starts each unique day.

We have our ideas and beliefs
And our own hopes and dreams.
But as different as we are
We're all the same, it seems.

It doesn't matter what our beliefs
Or our color or our race.
We all want to be accepted
And in this world, find our place.

We all want happiness, peace and love
And to be loved in return.
But realizing we are the same underneath
Is a wonderful lesson to learn.

~ Angel of Hummingbirds ~

No Matter

No matter where we come from
No matter where we go
No matter where our hearts are
we're all worth so much more than gold

No matter how we dress
No matter how we speak
No matter how we walk
we should be loved 'cause we're unique

No matter what we look like
No matter what we think
No matter what our lifestyle is
there's always a binding link

No matter what happens to us
No matter where we're led
We all need to remember
We're all on Earth together

~ Angel Marianne ~

The Color of Our Hearts

Daddy, why is that boy's skin so dark
Was he in the sun too long
Can I play a game with him
I won't be gone too long

Daddy, Daddy, please answer me
Was my skin dark at birth
Was I so different when I was born
As many others on earth

I was a little startled
But not by much you see
That my little girl, who's only 3
Would ask such things of me

I tried to answer carefully
If you ask that little boy, he might answer
But first ask him his name

Go meet your new friend
And play some games
You're really much alike
He wears shoes and so do you
And you both have yellow bikes

But Daddy i'm kinda shy
He might not wanna play
What if he's not our religion
Then what am I gonna say

Honey maybe it would help
If we go talk to his mother
No you don't need to do it alone
We'll both go over together

Slowly we walked along the path
Toward where the little boy sat
Beside the boy, sat this pretty young lady
Hi, my name is Pat

I introduced myself to her
And my daughter to her son
As the adults talked
The children played
Until the dusk had come

A lot of things were talked about
Between the the boys mom and I
I found out she was from the islands
And went to Central High

I work in a hardware store
And do magic on the side
Both things have kept me busy
I've traveled country-wide

My little girl had questioned me
I didn't want to offend
Some questions related to differences
Of religion
And color of skin

I thought it best for her to meet
You and your great little son
It seems they hit it off pretty good
They've been having loads of fun

Our skin's a little red you see
American Indian you may have guessed
I am Lakota Sioux, and Scottish, makes up the rest

I practice religion with an open mind
And will answer if you ask
About the indian way of life
From our elders of the past

I'm sorry sir, you didn't give me your name
But I did young lady, my name is Pat,
Isn't that a kick in the pants,
Our names are both the same

I must tell you Sir
I am happy that you posed
The questions of your little girl
However could she seek these things,
However would she know

We are not offended
Nor should you think we'd be
We have all come from other lands
Across the ancient seas

We form one country
People of all races and creeds
But red is the color of our hearts
And our blood red as we bleed

What kind of world do you think we would have
If we all spoke the same way
If we all had the same color of skin
Or worshipped the same everyday

I think we'd get bored in a hurry
Not knowing who was where
Not having a belief system
Or nothing we could share

You need not fear you've offended me
And our conversation need not end
I feel that we have much to share
I feel i've found a lifelong friend

~ Angel Pascha ~

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