Dreaming , dreams , dreamscapes.....

all of which are an alternate reality for many.
I go there often
Yet you can not follow me

It is a place where I know everyone there
Ask me not where this place is
You may get lost trying to get there
So please do not try to follow me

Dreams are an escape of the known realities
And a coming together of your inner realities
From a place where only you can go

I can escape to this reality whenever I so choose to do so.
However, I cannot take you there.
This place I escape to has nothing to be harmful to anyone.
There is a great pleasant beauty of all around me.

I dwell in this realm, with peacefulness to engulf my soul.

You can go there, but I cannot take you there
. Dreaming is a very personal thing.
A thing of deep solitude, yet you are never alone, 'less of course you want to be.

Dreamscapes are the world within your imagination, where they are created by you.

Go there now,
I'll take you part of the way,
but when you approach the gateway of your dreams,
you're on your own.

~ Angel Pascha ~


As I sleep at night they come,
Dreams of you,
Dreams of me meeting you beneath the stars,
You stretch out your hand,
And once again we run like children,
Laughing and joking against the wind,
I tell you everything and you sit there and smile,
To short those few hours of dreaming,
These hours of joy,
When in a place called happiness,
You and me are one again,
My dreams testimony to the power of believing,
And to the fact that death can not part two souls joined by destiny.....

Dedicated to my mother of the heart Stephanie who I meet nightly in my dreams

~ Angel of Rainbows ~

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