You Can Do Anything

Walk through the fire
Dance through the storms
Sing through the thunder
Make way through the thorns

Move the rocks and mountains
Jump over the valley
Break all the high fences
Walk fearlessly in the dark alley

Cross the deepest rivers
Sail the wildest seas
Fly in the darkest sky
Dig in soil that freezes

With the strength that you have inside
such challenges will be breezes
Yes, you can do most anything
With endurance that never ceases

~ Angel Marianne ~

Open Your Heart God Will Listen

God put me here & I walk by faith
I have re entered into his loving grace
I was once evil but no more
As I threw drugs & booze out the door.

Out of the goodness of my heart
I went to God and asked for a brand new start
As drugs & booze are a sin
God has helped me from within.

I praise the ground I walk on
Seeing drugs & booze makes me sensitive
But I must stay positive
And remember my promises

Being loyal is not hard to do
Once I became believable
I know God will help me through
Be sincere & you too will

Rejoice the ground you walk on
And the power of God
With his healing spirit

~ Angel Selena ~

The Strength of Me

Don't try to make me
I'm sure I can't do it
I know it's not in my soul

I barely withstand
What I now have at hand
Not a thread left
That hasn't been pulled

Don't try to infuse
Anything I don't need
Not a bargain will I make
Not a trade will I do

It's my life you speak of
Not a weak game of chance
Not a moment will pass me
That I won't give a quick glance

Don't test me with trials
Or obstacles true
These are things that I already have
And daily I do

Don't tell me that I can't run
Simply because I have no feet
'Fore I reach inside
My very being
To feel the rhythm
To move with the beat

Don't tell me I can
Or even that I can't
Tis not your place you see
Not one thing can you do
That will change the soul of me

Just because I hear little
Or maybe I can't see
Does not give you
To contrive or alter me

I am me, quite different from the rest
I don't claim to be great
Or even better than the rest

But before you
Here you'll find
Quite a special frame of mind
I build my own challenges
Some small, some great
Some long, or just a few

But I know these challenges will be met
Because they're all things I can do

You see I will not let you tear me down
That's something I simply refuse
If you try to test me my friend
You're the one that will lose

I've had many challenges
By other peoples made
Thrown at me, at most awkward times
Under a guise or charade

But I'm still here and fighting
You might slow me down
But when I slip
I get back up
With the unlimited strength I've found

You can't tell me I won't make it
It's not your place you see
I have but one to judge my faults
And He's the strength of me

~ Angel Pascha ~


Whatever my journey
Whatever my task
Courage and strength
Is all that I ask.
Faith to believe
That this is the way ~
The path I should travel
On every day.

Friends to support me
And to hear my call,
Who also will lift me
Whenever I fall.
Life is a challenge
Thatís what I perceive,
And I need the courage
To always believe.

Someone to love me
And wipe away my tears,
To listen at length
To the depth of my fears.
I canít do it alone
I need you to be there,
So that I can feel
The warmth of your care.

Courage and strength
Are the gifts that I need.
So that I can be kind
In thought, word and deed.
I value your friendship
Your gentle sweet ways,
The way you are there
On difficult days.

Some tell me to be brave
To walk tall and stand, ~
I could not do it
Without your gentle hand
So when my days are dreary
And difficult to bear
Its then I feel the measure
Of your courage and your care.

~ Angel of Avalon ~

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