Family Moments

Cherish each moment in time
With those in your family so dear,
Always be sure to support them
And let them know of your care.
Take time to say “I love you”
“I value the things you do”
“The times are very special
When I spend them with you.”

Be sure that your children know
How very much they mean,
Give them roots to anchor them
And wings to fly to their dream.
Be sure to make that phone call,
Or send that birthday card,
Remember to apologize
Even though you find it hard.

Take your Mother shopping,
Sit with your Father a while,
Listen to the things they say,
Cherish every smile.
Remember the time they spent
Teaching you the things you know,
Recall the lessons learned from them
That you “reap whatever you sow”.

Maintain a sense of family
Reach out and touch a hand,
Be very brave and very strong
As beside each other you stand,
Spend time with your siblings
Recalling your childhood hours,
Be kind and gentle with each other
Take time to smell the flowers.

~ Angel of Avalon ~

My Family

They are a part of me,
And no matter what I do.
They're always there for me
And always love me too.

They give me their support
And they're quick to lend a hand.
They give a shoulder to cry on
And they always understand.

I can say I love them back
For they are a part of me.
And they go wherever I go
For they are my family.

~ Angel of Hummingbirds ~

My Family

My family is big and strong.
They give me a home and the safety of knowing I belong,
My family members are near and far.
Sure they have not been with me all my life,
But oh am glad that I found them and now I am keeping them close,
Because if one thing I have learned,
It's not the family we are born in we are meant to be with
at least not in most cases I know of,
It's the family you gather around you and take into your heart.
On this our journey of kindred spirits and souls.
They are put in our path to teach lessons of love.
Those who have truly touched me are now my family.
And every night I thank the Angels. the God and Goddess for who they are.
For what they bring to my life.
And for the priveledge of being able to call those selected few.
My family of the heart

~ Angel of Rainbows ~

All That I Am

We have grown apart
O'er the years, my siblings and I
We might speak about twice a year
Or at least I'll give it a try

We all have our own way of living
Our lives don't really entwine
But I hold on as best as I can
To memories left behind

My sisters don't have much to do
With the way that my life has gone
My brother tries to keep in touch
Although very little is done

I'm a strong believer there is nothing
more important than this
The love of God and Family
Without either I would not exist

Although we really don't see much
Of each other as time passes by
I have memories that I can fall back on
Or at least I give it a try

As I say grace for the holidays
I get all choked up inside
Bringing back thoughts
Of family at holidays
Brings more than a tear to my eyes

I ask for a blessing of bounty
I ask for guidance if I can
I ask for the love of my family
For that, is all, that I am

~ Angel Pascha ~

Whisper in My Soul

I hear the whisper in my soul
For happiness and love are my ultimate goal.
Peace in my heart and in my mind,
To slow down the passing of time.

I hear my soul whisper to me
For nothing but simplicity.
To slow down the human race,
To see the kindness in a stranger's face.

I hear the whisper in my soul
As time and agae has taken its toll.
Will I find the love that I seek?
Will happiness ever be mine to keep?

The whisper in my soul grows fainter now.
I have found my happiness and love - but how?
It was always there with my family,
The whisper in my soul has said to me.

~ Angel of Hummingbirds ~

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