Forgiving My Heart

I would ask of you your forgiveness
Of many, many things
Forgiveness of my selfishness
And my thinking of earthly things

I may ask of you to forgive me
Of times that I said I would be there
And I wasn't around
To comfort you
It was me that I thought of to care

Do you think you could possibly find
The forgiveness of mind, body, and soul
Of the times that I should have supported you
As my mind slipped away from thoughts of you
And my actions took a negative toll

Some times I think of my ailments
And how hurtful they are at times
And how I feel that you should pay
Attention to me and my trials.

Please forgive me for my self-indulging thoughts
All the hours I've spent
Licking my wounds, patching up soreness
Pushing aside all others, with thoughts of myself

I pray you can find the forgiveness
And reoffer your hand to me
So together we can heal our wounds
As from the beginning it should always be

~ Angel Pascha ~


As the evening slipped away with no sight of you coming home.
I began to worry as with each hour that passed and did foam.
I walked the floors till morning came, each step my anger grew more.
As my feelings broke down between the feelings my heart did outpour.
Off to bed you went with not a word of what had happened that night.
A few days had come and gone we barley spoke to one another trying to avoid a fight..
You finally came and said to me I have cheated with another woman you see.
Forgiveness you are pleading for our marriage needs to exceed.
You have said, this was the first and only time there will never be another.
Asking for forgiveness you don't deserve but not want to lose the other.

My heart was so broken and felt so empty and dead.
I had no idea what I wanted to say these were feeling so embed.
Thought at that moment I never would forgive no way that I could.
I deep searched in my mind to see what I would do.
I must be forgiven for his blunder this I must choose.
There was to much at steak for us to both to lose.
I prayed to the Lord for His guidance and and answers.
With my forgiveness we both grew to know all the advances.
Forgiveness I did give but the trust was not there.
My broken heart took so long and needed mending and care.

He tried to show with all his goodness he was sorry for his mistake.
It took over two years for my heart to fill the ache.
The trust did come back but slowly for sure.
The Lord helped us both to mature.
Our long lives together was worth the hard struggle.
We both found comfort by just hugging and snuggle.
It was the beginning of a new kind of love.
One of forgiveness and mending our hearts to beloved.
We did thereof build a new love, never more to part.
Forgiveness is the key to both getting a love filled new heart.

~ Angel Lady Rosemary ~

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