Angel Hugs For You

Do you feel your wings have got a tear?
Don't worry, we your friends are here
We'll give you TLC and cheer
we'll make you fly again without fear.

We'll do what we can to make you feel
better, and hope we can help you heal
with hugs and with friendship, true and real
we're sure it will help you a great deal.

Our special Angel Hugs can achieve
miracles, aches they can relieve
they're of the kind that won't deceive
just receive, trust and believe

And soon we will see you happily fly
along with us in a clear blue sky.
Yes when you're low, we'll make you feel high.
Though miles apart, in thoughts we're always nigh.

~Angel Marianne ~

Get Well Friend

Get Well Soon
Written in the sky
But that tells me you're ill
That's what it implies

But what kind of chatter
Would such a thing be
To say someone's ill
Well, this just can't be

Get well
Get strong
Be courageous
The day long

Count moments of healing
Don't let them slip by
Your angels are watching
And swelling with pride

Not for them
Or any deed that they do
But pride of encouragement
Meant only for you

Get well
Be strong
Hurry and heal
You're an important part
Of the medicine wheel

The medicine of everyday life
As we know it
Would not be as strong without you
And I can prove it

Did you smile today
Or tell a story
Did you hug a big tree
In all of its glory
Did you cast a big shadow
Or throw kisses in the air
Did you say that I love you
Just to show that you care

Get well heal swiftly
Go joyously forth
To heal and mend others
For all of your worth

~ Angel Pascha ~

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