Freedom of Choice

When setting goals
I'm all a flutter
I can't set my mind
I'm peanut butter

So many things
To do and say
Setting goals gets in the way

Everyday a mental list
I have prepared to cover
But I get a little confused
Gee I've become my mother

Each day that greets me in a special way
And says this is the path that we shall take
I've got other ideas I say
And other choices I shall make

I know I can't run through life
With nothing to guide my thoughts
My life would have no structure
And that's not what I've been taught

So if you don't mind the waiting
At least 'til day is done
I'll make a list
And set some goals
But right now
I'm having too much fun

~ Angel Pascha ~

My Mental State

I know that I should set some goals
To see where I am headed
But there are so many things to look at
And sometimes I kinda dread it

I must look at everything
The small and big stuff too
I gotta look a little closer
At the old things and the new

I think to get me started
I'll make a mental list
I can't give you one, two, three
But I'll surely do my best

What things in life will carry through
Into the future long
What lessons will be teaching me
And place upon my heart a song

I must take the time and see
What means the most to me
What will I be reaching for
In a year, or, two, or three

What plans will I then dictate
To govern me along the way
It must be set
Upon a mental slate
To start upon this day

Whatever plans I make this day
To make my future true
I pray that all my plans and goals
Will surely be including you

~ Angel Pascha ~

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