To plant a seed in God's given soil.
A little pain of work to help it grow.
Watch it shoot up and embroil.
With a bud so truly ready to bestow.

As a new spring has begun.
The flowers of beauty are to behold.
A breath taken sight to see when all done
God's touch of beauty for us to enfold.

So weather your garden is in the earth
Or just a seed of his love in your heart
Remember to nurture them to birth.
They both are a place of His chart.

Remember to Look at it all grow.
Inside and out side this will prevail.
The flower of God's love will never forgo.
Let your seed to grow as God will never fail.

May your garden be filled with variety to behold.
To show abundance by it's flowering.
Watch it grow each day and night see it unfold.
The scent of its smell is so powering.

Watch God's gift of Spring Flowers open.
The more seed you plant the more love will grow.
So plant your seed in your heart to reopen.
God's Love is His seed He wants us to know.

~ Angel Lady Rosemary ~

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