A Job to Do

At end of day if you are weary
And you have done your best,
Take heart and courage
And try to get your rest.
There are so many people
Who work hard day by day,
Providing necessary services
For those along the way.

Long hours are spent
As they earn a living
But it is more than that
It is about loving and giving.
They work in difficult places,
With danger and fear as their friend,
Give up - !! no never
Not ďtil they reach the end.

Every one has a job to do
Which makes life a better place,
From the Farmer reaping his crop,
To the Para Medic with determined face.
Nursing and teaching, baking and more
And when the sun goes to its rest
No matter how tired or weary,
Itís nice that we have done our best.

~ Angel of Avalon ~

A Simple Man's Life

I really didn't do so much
Just the same 'ol things
I simply scrubbed the patio
And kept the sidewalk clean

I went about my daily chores
Taking care of bills
Running to the grocery store
And dusting window sills

I really didn't do so much
A few things here and there
Besides, it's my life anyway
Who would really care

I reall didn't do so much
Not that I can see
I tried to find the wash machine
Nowhere could that thing be

Very little did I do
I took the kids to school
I picked up the things
At the dry cleaners
Then went home and cleaned the pool

I really have an easy life
There's so much time each day
After all is said and done
I always find the time to pray

Thank You Lord
For all you've done
To make my days so free
So at day's end there's only us
My Bible, You, and me.

~ Angel Pascha ~

Life in Retail

It's never easy, it can be tough
Dealing with customers can get pretty rough.
It's not easy, this life in retail
Anything to please the customer, just get the sale.

You deal with all kinds, the good and the bad
And it doesn't matter if you're happy or sad.
Just please the customer is what we must do
Tell them anything, even if it's not true.

You must be understanding, patient and kind
Go out of your way just to get that dime.
Even though it's not easy and it is hard work
It can be rewarding, even dealing with jerks.

You did the right thing and said "Have a nice day!"
You were pleasant and kind, went out of your way.
You can turn that mean customer into one who might care
He'll remember your kindness and again, might stop there.

But for that one mean customer, there's plenty of good
The ones you remember, as well as you should.
They are the regular ones, the ones that care
And their stories of life, with you they do share.

So it really is worth it, in the end
Some of those customers can turn into friends.
So remember those that work behind the counter
And remember to always smile and thank her.

~ Angel of Hummingbirds ~

Proud of My Work

Isn't it ever so rewarding
to step back and see the outcome
of lots of hard and diligent work
and feel that it was worth every hour?

While you're deep down in the workload
it doesn't seem like it's worthwhile
but think of the time you're finished
you'll feel a joy you can't disguise

It doesn't matter what kind of job it is
whether it's "dirty" or "clean"
there are all kinds of jobs out there
a good day's work should make you beam

So just think of what will be the end result
and you will soon surely see
that it's really inspiring to work hard
and be proud of it as can be

~ Angel Marianne ~

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