Honesty is all around me,
In the beauty of a rose,
Little childrenís laughter
A city as it grows.

I see the honesty in faces
Of men from many lands,
Who build us safe buildings
With gnarled and dirty hands.

A Motherís smile as she holds
For the first time, her new born,
The rush of air beneath a birdís wing
The mist of early morn.

A harvest moon on a clear cool night,
A diamond studded sky.
A friend who will hold another,
And just let them weep and cry.

Honesty is more than words and trust
Itís believing in each other,
Being kind and generous ~
Loving like a brother.

Teach the children of the world
About truth and honesty,
Letís believe in each other,
Thatís the way itís meant to be.

~ Angel of Avalon ~

A Precious Jewel

A precious jewel so hard to find
A rare commodity in any time.
It's rarier than any silver or gold
More beautiful than diamonds, truth be told.

It's something you don't see everyday.
Sometimes it's there but then goes away.
It can be deeper than the sea
This beautiful, rare commodity.

This precious jewel that is so rare,
That's barely seen but always there.
I hope this beautiful jem you'll see.
This precious jewel called......


~ Angel of Hummingbirds ~

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