The Changing of the Leaves

The trouble with autumn is that very thing
Swiftly it goes into winter the spring
There should be a way to make it continue
So I can watch angels spread their autumn wings

I lay on the grass looking 'round in the sky
Watching ever so closely the colors in the leaves
Watching with laughter as the leaves start to flit
And upon my belly they would all try to fit

Rolling and rolling in piles of leaves
Each different colors my eyes can see
Each leaf a shape of imagination
Yet my minds voice tells me this cannot be

As each day passes the trees nearly bare
There's a dampness, a coolness, a chill in the air
Why can I not lay once again on the ground
Tossing those beautiful leaves all around

This I say once again to those that will listen
I long for the days when the leaves start to glisten
From changes withing these leaves show their colors
Giving hours of joy left by no others

Can we not find a way to lengthen this time
If not for a momment longer or so
Each year I pray this will come true
Before I need contend with a long winters snow

~ Angel Pascha ~

My Autumn Friend

Walking out the front door one day,
My skin feeling the cool sensation of a new season,
I paused for a moment as movement below caught my eye.

Small...wrinkled and yet the shape was beautiful,
As its hue of once green had turned to gold,
A tarnished leaf made new again for me to see.

Slowly I bent down, as my stiff knees ached
But my desire pushed aside the pain for just one chance
A moment to capture in time, a yearly ritual to behold.

Lightly I placed the harvest-colored leaf upon my palm,
And gazed into the small life's brilliance,
To where time seemed to stand still, if only for those few seconds.

Memories of past came rushing back, my body warming to the sensations,
Childhood playtime in the large pile of newly-raked leaves,
Where I ran and landed upon the bed nature had made for me.

But as my smile seemed to grow, so did the season's wind,
As it swept across my face and outstretched hand,
Drifting away the small creature that had brought me joy in its change.

I watched as it began to dance along the grass,
Its end turning over and over as if to move with purpose,
For it signaled the end of this precious moment and the turning of time.

I waved goodbye to my Autumn Friend and wished it love on its journey,
To what end and roads it would take, I knew not,
But one path it staked was along that which I took that day.

~ Angel of the Forest ~

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