The Road To Love's Door

This road I am traveling
Filled with trials to obscure
Shall not deter me
From life's blessings door

I walk many roads of deliverance
To a special place
A place where spirit dwells
And hope is lifted
To be aware that thine heart is gifted

I will not be complacent
In my attempt in going forth
In an everlasting relationship
Which shall support me evermore

I am but a tiny seed
In a vast land filled with grace
With many untold ways to travel
Arriving at that special place

Where is this place I speak of
Have I not been there before
Of what humble means shall I be lifted
To thy heart forever more

Tis the space that lives inside of us
Each of us has seen
We've all been there a thousand times
Lest it may have been in our dreams

Yet it does exist within our soul
That dreamscape oft forgot
Yet I shall think of thee evermore
When I visit this special spot

Tis a deep and sacred place
You know it you've been there too
You've gone in secret many times
When spirit invited you

A place that shall challenge you
To fight and carry through
Because there are more spirits
Than you may know
Forever supporting you

Have you learned of this place
Have you yet arrived
Have you reached that personal goal
For which you have heartily strived

When you get there
Please let me know
It is something that I wish

Just to make sure
You've arrived at love's door
And nothing has gone amiss.

~ Angel Pascha ~

Love Is

Love is
Dedicated and true
Love is
What's happening
Between me and you

Love is
Unconditional and real
Love is
How you always
Make me feel

Love is
What's inside of us
Love is
Beauty from within

~ Angel of Poetic Storms ~

Through The Eyes

Through the eyes of dreamers
True love is alive.

Through the eyes of lovers
Love burns eternally.

Through the eyes of the heart
Dreams become reality.

Through the eyes of my soul
I see our love so true and pure.

Through my eyes to yours
I see a lifetime of love in your arms.

~ Angel of Poetic Storms ~

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