For My Daddy

My Daddy is in the Military
And he is far away,
I know my Mommy misses him
I see it every day.

I miss my Daddy too you see
For I am very small,
I need his hands to help me grow
And to help me stand up tall.

Although I am very little,
I miss the games we would play,
Bathtime, bedtime and any other time
In his very busy day.

I see the tears in Mommy’s eyes
The ones she tries to hide,
She takes my photo often,
And sends it to him with pride.

I know she needs my Daddy
To help her care for me,
And I really miss my Daddy –
I miss sitting on his knee.

There are lots of other Daddies
And lots of girls and boys
Who wait to be together
To play with all those toys.

But this Daddy is a special one
Because he’s mine you see,
And I know that somewhere far away
He also misses me.

He watches me on the computer
And I can see him too,
I put my hands out to him
And we play “Peek A Boo”.

He’s counting the days until he’s home
And holding us again,
Then we can share the laughter
Like sunshine after rain.

~ Angel of Avalon ~

A Soldier's Return

The soldiers by many leave to go away but not for a day.
They leave their families and love ones because they can not stay.
Off to the war they travel, they help other countries and save ours too.
Leaving behind all their family, friends, neighbors and loved ones they knew.
With our broken hearts we must say goodbye and bid them all farewell.
Our soldier's departure sure breaks our heart as is just so personal.
As days,month and years go by so we keep hope and prayers for them.
Please dear Lord keep them safe and send them back home to us Amen.

Though broken hearted to leave behind the other comrades still doing their part.
God has plans for you to do,In future He wants you home for another start.
Remember you have made your loved ones and country so proud.
Now we must pray for all soldiers who are fighting this war that's vowed.
Pray the fighting gets done so all will come back to their loved ones.
God has guided you back home, let's pray no need for anymore guns.
So we give the Lord thanks for your safe return to home.
This trusting place you held in your heart a place you could relax and roam.

Is kept by you soldiers in all that you do for our countries to be so grand.
With love in our hearts and smiles on our faces we welcome you back firsthand.
So with great adoration we join in your celebration.
As we give God thanks for your generation.
Welcome home once again with open hearts and arms we do extend.
Our love with joy burst forth as your homecoming we do comprehend.
We all celebrate in our hearts for all soldiers with prestige, glory, and honor.
Our troops we do support USA and Canada, so pray they all turn that safe corner.

~ Angel Lady Rosemary ~

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