Moonlight and Magnolias

Moonlight and magnolias
starry starry night
Diamond jewels in velvet black
glistening with delight

Moonlight and magnolias
fragrant in the air
A whispering scent upon a breath,
its essence everywhere

Moonlight and magnolias
shadows on the breeze
A vibrant echo dancing there
within the fragrant trees

Moonlight and magnolias
beauty in array
A sweeping scent by evening glow
in moonlight's sweet bouquet

~ Angel Reflections ~

A Winter Moon

An open, clear and cloudless sky,
Whispers on the gentle breeze,
A full round winter moon
Blessings such as these.

Slivers of moonbeams shining down
Making the world seem bright,
Diamond dewdrops on the leaves
Of trees this winter night.

A sense of magic in the air
A stillness quite profound,
Shadows on the silver river,
Dampness on the ground.

Animals scurry at my feet,
Their way lit by the moon,
A sense of sadness fills my heart
That this will be gone too soon.

Magic moon shine down on us
And shed your light afar,
You cannot be lonely in your sky
You are led by the evening star.

I bless the velvet darkness
And the moon so full and round,
I bless the passing of the seasons,
Such great joys abound.

~ Angel of Avalon ~

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