Mother's Day

It is May and Mother’s Day again
And many things come to mind,
About the special days and times
When life itself was kind.

Each Mother heart could tell a tale –
The pain of giving birth,
The joy when holding that newborn ~
The greatest feeling on earth.

The days when life itself was a blur
Of nappies, teeth and toys,
When laughter lived in our homes
And we raised our girls and boys.

The School days and the uniforms
The letting go – the growing,
The boyfriends and the love affairs
How could we then be knowing?

How quickly days would fly
When life was quite involved?
Soon we would see the changes
And the adults who evolved.

But this Mother’s Day I have been thinking
Of those whose hearts are sore,
Who bear the agony of not raising
The children that they bore.

Those little ones too soon taken
Who never had a chance.
I have seen the pain of those Mothers
With just a little glance.

I have felt the heartache
For those with children gone.
And those who never were blessed
With daughter or with son.

I have felt the pain in my heart
For a child who needed special care
And I have seen the devotion given
Daily and with tenderness rare.

I feel the pain in Mother hearts
Who had no real choice,
They gave their little ones up ~
When no one heard their voice.

So on this Mother’s Day
My thoughts are prone to stray
To all those who do “Mother” things
And bless children on the way.

Those who wipe the tears
And clean up the “accident”
Those who understand
That this breakage was not meant.

Those who give their hearts and love
To children in great need,
Those who clean and cook
And another mouth will feed.

The Grandmas who have the time
To play – while Mum is in great haste,
Who make a point of little “treats”
And not a moment do they waste.

They listen very eagerly
To that special little voice
“I love you Grandma”
Makes their heart rejoice.

So on this Mother’s Day I send to you
My love – my care – my thoughts ~
My very great respect for Motherhood
And all the joy that it has brought.

~ Angel of Avalon ~

From a Sponsor Mom

I feel like you are here with me
Even though I know that it can't be
You're not my real children, I know
but I feel for you as if you were my own

You're far from me but still so close
And I'm always wondering how everything goes
Are you happily playing with your friends?
Or are sorrow and pain making you bend?

Are you eating properly every day?
Are you showing your loved ones loving, caring ways?
Are you studying diligently at school?
It's important, knowledge is a powerful tool!

I know that we might never meet
but with love and warmth I always greet
you dear sponsored children, you're in my heart
in our thoughts we're never far apart

~ Angel Marianne ~

A Mothers Love

The greatest love
I've ever found
Didn't come from
Mr. Right.

It didn't come from
Any gifts
Or even after
A romantic night.

Wasn't sent
From a friend
Even with
Good intentions in mind.

The greatest love
There ever was
Is from a mother
To her child.

True Love

Your gentle touch
Makes me lose my mind
Such a giving love
I never dreamed I'd find.

I searched forever
For someone like you
In my mind I doubted
Such a love could be true.

In my dreams
Love did only exist
Never a clear image
Only a faded, blurry mist.

Suddenly without warning
You miraculously appear
Showing me that your love
Has always been right here.

~ Angel of Poetic Storms ~

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