Poems Written by Angel Marianne

Don't Be Afraid of the New

Don't be afraid to go aboard on a brand new ship.
It's just like the first swim in the summer in a lake
at first it may feel cold and uncomfortable
but soon the strokes will be much easier to take

Don't be afraid because you don't know where it's heading
Envision it will take you where it's best for you
There might not seem to be a plan but sure there is one
so trust it, and your fears will prove to be untrue

So don't be afraid but do embark on the new adventure
just like a child who just has got some brand new toys
and let the ship of life take you where you're supposed to be
and soon you'll sing again with a free and happy, powerful voice

~ Angel Marianne

Behind the Clouds Shines the Sun Always

I had a diary long ago when my teens had begun
Its cover said, Behind every cloud shines the sun
It's true, before you know it all your clouds will be gone
and Nature will bring new life and joy will have won

Envision all the colours, sounds and smells everywhere
and feel the sun shine on our Earth with warmth and care
Envision celebrations and flowers in bloom so fair
yes think about it, and it won't be long til we're there

And until then just do the best you can of today
and have your eyes directed towards the lighter days
Then you will have the sun right in your heart, come what may
and you will know behind the clouds shines the sun always

~ Angel Marianne ~

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