My Siblings

Oh my sisters and my brothers.
Our love is circled to each heart of the others.
Even though we are many miles apart.
We are so very close in our hearts.
This love of us siblings will always be.
As it will reach all over this country.
We owe our thanks to our mom and dad.
So we give God thanks for our family glad.

What effects one sure does reflect to us all.
Our hearts are connected and will always call.
This love that was instilled to us by family bond.
We will keep together over the miles as we respond.
With the love that is filling our heart.
It will never be torn or taken apart.
We each play an important part in this family roll.
Our love between us keep us in control.

So I thank God each and every day.
That He gave you all to me hooray.
How blessed I am by His power.
I pray that my love will shine and tower.
From bottom to the top of your heart, then some.
May my love to your ears always hum.
I am so proud to be your old sis.
Each of you fill my heart with bliss.

Our father and mother did love.
Their love grew and we are thereof.
God blessed them with us all together.
This family we shall be forever.
Thank you my sisters and brothers.
God has given you to me over all others.
Our different personalities are perfectly matched.
As our love over the miles keeps us attached.

~ Angel Lady Rosemary ~

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