Simple Things

What inspires us
Well, it must be
The good that others do that I see

What great joy I get
When I see someone smile
A child's questions answered
A wounded spirit lifted

What a giant surge of happiness
overcomes my soul
To see the elderly laugh
Because you sent them a greeting card

I am tickled pink to know
A little girl offered to do an errand for her neighbor

I am just in awe and wonder
When a teenage boy took his little dog to a nursing home to help
soothe the spirits of the people that lived there.

I can yell with glee
Knowing that when I watch you leave your home
Someone will be watching your home
To keep it safe for your return

I would jump for joy,(if I could jump),
When I watch someone bring a hot meal to you because you can't get out to the store

I cry with pride when I see you march in a parade
To salute the military,
Yet, you have no legs.

My soul fills with inner peace
When I see you comforted by a simple hug given unto you by a stranger.

My life is complete
When I can pray for you
And I know that my prayers have been answered.

~ Angel Pascha ~

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