Flight of Fancy

Cookie and steaming coffee
Fresh from the coffeepot
Bring joy to my morning
As the rain starts to spot.

The wind makes my kite dance
And I feel quite mellow
Like honey sweet plums
Purple and yellow.

The sun in my eyes
And mist on my face
Such pleasure and joy
In this special place.

~ Angel of Avalon ~

This Special Place

I don't give a hoot
about the bridge that washed away
Nor do I care of barriers
You might place upon my road

I think little of the obstacles
That I may need to climb
Or even of the hurdles
That I have left behind

I really have no thoughts
about any trials I will face
I will not try to judge these things
It's really not my place

I'll tell you what I will do
Not of what I might attempt
It all starts from within
where all my strength is kept

I have a place I go to
Whenever I feel down
I close my eyes
Take a deep breath
And whisper
when no one's around

It's a place that I can go to
any time I wish
I can even take a friend
And ask that friend to stay

Where all the obstacles
in the world
and barriers become
a non existing challenge
until they're totally gone

No negativity is ever allowed
to dwell in this special place
For when we leave
with peace inside
there's a smile on my face

That strength is there
for you as well
It's in everyone
From little to big
From young to old
You have it
It's there
Go within to seek it

If you have a problem
or get lost on your way
Call my angel to your side
and he'll be with you this day

~ Angel Pascha ~

The Room Within You

You have a room within you
to go to when life is tough
and you see only darkness
and feel that you've had enough

In this room there are treasures
that will help you through these times
just waiting there for you.
Just go there and you will find

amazing strength to lift you
and help you hold your head high
great courage to get over
your fears when worries are nigh

and hope and wisdom so you know
that somewhere there's a light
that shines for you so brightly
to guide you through the night

There is a room within you
the way there only you can find
but trust me, your strength is there
find it, and you'll rise and shine!

~ Angel Marianne ~

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