Take Time

Take time to smell the flowers
To hold a small child’s hand,
Feel the gentle breezes
As they blow across the land.
Take time to watch the sunset
And walk upon the shore,
Feel the sand between your toes
As you have done before.

Take the time to listen
To the music of your soul,
Rest, restore and rediscover
The things that make you whole.
Take time to splash in puddles
And watch the diamond sky.
Take time to watch the river
As it flows and rushes by.

Stand beside the weeping willow
With its leaves in the water
Take time to sit and quietly talk
With your precious son or daughter.
Enjoy the time you spend
With photographs and books,
Remembering the days gone by~
Those special loving looks.

View the dewdrops on the roses ~
See the daffodils in spring
Watch the moonlight on the garden,
See the birds upon the wing.
Take time to see the best in people
Relish your days and hours
Enjoy the seasons given to you ~
Take time to smell the flowers.

~ Angel of Avalon ~

Taking a Moment

They say that time can have an end
I say that isn't so
For if it were
A passing blur
I'd not have time to grow

Time is a moment of passing
For reflection, work, and, fun
Tis that moment we must take
To help us carry on

Each moment is a part of us
A part that's deep inside
A part you share with everyone
The parts you wish to hide

I don't have time
I'm just so busy
I'm running in circles
I'm getting dizzy

I'll pick the kids up
From practice to home
Well I would have done so
If only I'd known

Go to the groceries
Take out the dog
Do something, anything
Don't just sit like a bump on a log

You don't need to tell me
A million to one
Reasons of why you couldn't
Don't worry it's already done

You always have a moment
To breathe do you not
Don't tell me you didn't write
Gee I'm sorry I forgot

You may live in a big city
Or a place by the sea
Or maybe you haven't a place at all
You feel there is no place to be

Do you have time to bend at the knee
Do you think that you can pray
If you think you might try
Looking up toward the sky
Then you've truly done something this day

~ Angel Pascha ~

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