Treasured Remembrance

Gave her all
To all she knew
And all she know were
To her the precious gifts
God gives us from time to time
She wore this emerald necklace
That today I still hold dear to me
It has always been a sweet reminder

Of the beauty she held within her heart
The twinkling of the jewels remind
Me of the twinkling of her heart
She shared with many of us
The vibrant green color
Reminding me of the
Vibrantly glowing
Spirit within
Her always

Gift of her
Memory will
Always be held dear
To my heart and spirit
For I will wear it with pride
Because it is she who gave me
Those life lessons and values that made
Me the person that God made me to be

~ Angel of Sweet Blessings ~

A Treasured Gift of Old

Ears a bluish tinge now
eyes and nose are worn
The silent outline of his mouth
and a ribbon he once wore.

A confidant of sorts he was
with love for me bestowed
And everywhere that I went
this friend was sure to go

Thirty five this Christmas
but still he lives with me
A reminder of the precious love
my grandma had for me

For of all the things I treasure most
nothing can compare
To that very first Christmas gift
a cuddly teddy bear.

~ Angel Reflections ~

My Treasured Keepsake

I have a special keepsake,
I hold it very dear.
Others may not see its meaning,
But to me it is infinitely clear.

I treasure it every day
And it often crosses my mind,
The pleasure this keepsake brings me
Joy of the best your could find.

It takes me back to childhood days
When life was kind and sweet,
When there were clear skies above me
And flowers at my feet.

It was with me through my teen years
And kept me right on track,
It helped me to keep looking forward
No turning round – no going back.

My treasured keepsake will be with me always
And bring blessings from above ~
My cherished, precious keepsake
Is the joy of my Father’s love.

~ Angel of Avalon ~

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