I will give you my love and friendship readily and without much ado my friend,
But my trust you have to earn for I do not give it easily and once it has been lost,
It is seldom regained.....

~ Angel of Rainbows ~


I trust you but you must trust me.
If the trust is not on both sides it will never be.
So have the faith from God and place your trust in Him.
HE will show us how our love is meant to begin.

Trust your heart as God will show.
The right path for us both to go.
As time drifts by our love will advance.
For with trust we both can take a chance.

As sure as the stars are above in the sky.
And the moon is seen by us passing by.
To Trust in each other is such a blessed thing.
For God will guide us both in all that our heart sings.

Have faith in Him and each another.
For we both know to trust and love no other.
Trust is the key to our love together.
Trust God to bond our hearts both forever.

~ Angel Lady Rosemary ~

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