Together, We Can Do Anything

In life we have moments that at first appear meek at best
A goal that is within reach, but yet there is a test.
Can we always count on just ourselves to get us there,
Or will we need to rely on others in order to fare?

Look beyond the boundaries that society has set
Where asking for help is weakness, a personal threat.
Awaken to the magic that lies within the many
Where person-to-person can be just dandy.

Gathered hands, minds and souls for the betterment of all
Sustain the passion, the drive and courage to not fall.
Rise up and work together in order to reach the peak
To stand proudly, combined, knowing that none were weak.

Every link had its purpose, whether apparent or not
And in the end, together, the bond became a knot.
Intertwined with strength and sacrifice to see the end
Resulting in truly imaginable creation that needs no mend.

~ Angel of the Forest ~

Working Together

Working Together In A World Full Of Tears,
Lending A Hand and sending a smile,
Working together means happiness and joy,
Working together means loving each other,
Regardless of race, creed, religion or life style,
Working together means keeping this planet alive,
And nurturing the good in you and in me,
Working together means to say I love you each and ever day,
Working together means this planet can survive.....

~ Angel of Rainbows ~

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